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Sitemakin CMS was created in order to make building a high performance website as simple and fast as possible. Sounds like a good place to learn? SEE COURSE HERE!

Custom Web Development

We offer custom web development services to those who need more than just web design. See our list of Vancouver web design / development services.

Referral / Affiliate Program

Very simple. You make a client referral, we pay you.
Our web developer, web designer and SEO specialist will do the rest! See our referral page for details!

Sitemakin CMS - High Performance Web Development and Training

Recent Works

Here are a few recent projects for which Sitemakin CMS and custom web development had been applied.


Our affordable SEO methods can bring you traffic you never imagined. Using professional writing, competition analysis and strong in-house reporting; we will get your website high in the ranks.

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Your custom, affordable web design, web development and SEO is something we do so that you will prosper. We bring results and your website quickly becomes a return on investment. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will find the best arrangement for your website needs.

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The course outline is very simple and precise. It had been streamlined to make the building of a beautiful website as simple as possible, yet, it leaves room to grow into advanced web development for those who wish to push their skills.

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As long as you have a computer, ipad, or $35 raspberry pi and can connect to the Internet, you have access to all course materials, communication with mentor and your tools to build your website.

Training Goals

Have the tools, time and technique to build custom web pages in record time. Focus on accelerated learning.


Using Sitemakin CMS and feedback from your online workshop you will have a dazzling website in progress.


In not much time at all, you will have the basic skills to build web pages.